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Welcome to Doctor Delivery

We believe the single biggest thing an employer can do to improve healthcare outcomes is the introduction and maintenance of excellent primary care. Instinctively, we all know this. High performing healthcare systems the world over have demonstrated that a focus on increased investment at the primary care level provides the highest return for both patient and payer.

Doctor Delivery manages healthcare programs for employers of 15 or more across the United States. Our partner employers typically have a few things in common:

  • When making strategic decisions, they weigh employee interests similarly to shareholder interests
  • They are unafraid of change when a risky proposition holds out the possibility of an outsized reward
  • They think for themselves

Our program is centered on a relatively new model known as “Direct Primary Care,” or DPC. With DPC, your employees will be members of a primary care practice where their doctor carries a patient load of roughly 600 patients, versus the standard 2,500-3,000. Employees will be provided a direct phone number to their doctor for 24/7 care. No answering services, no limitation on business hours. Just a direct relationship with a doctor who has the time and desire to help.

In addition, all DPC doctors agree to visit participating employers at least once per quarter to provide care to any members, free. We have found that many poor health outcomes can be traced to patients who either defer care for financial reasons or convenience reasons. When recurring health problems are addressed early, patients remain well and costs are contained.

We hope you will explore the promise of our model.

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About Doctor Delivery

Doctor Delivery was founded by two entrepreneurs in 2020 after deep research into the structural problems with American healthcare and their own personal experience with Direct Primary Care. One has been a health insurance consultant for many years in New England and watched with sorrow as a dysfunctional system burdened people and companies more heavily each year. The other owns several businesses and got fed up with 10%+ renewals that also increasingly shifted costs onto employees in the form of copays, coinsurance, and spiraling deductibles.

We are not people who take a raw deal lying down. Our determination to succeed is largely derived from our own experience with a system that seems to fail doctors, patients, and employers. While some ideas don’t pan out, we learn from our mistakes and keep building. What we do know for sure is that when primary care doctors are empowered and given the resources they need to succeed, everyone wins.

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Our efforts are directed toward one goal: making good primary care convenient for all on a no-cost basis. Our employer partners agree to pay for DPC memberships for all employees who elect to opt in, and we typically find 90%+ uptake. Participation is driven by these factors:

  • Doctor availability at the place of employment on a recurring basis
  • Employees do not pay for any DPC services, everything is included with the membership
  • Appointments available the same or next day, including weekends when necessary
  • With a small patient panel and the ability to spend 30+ minutes during each encounter, doctors can build a deep and meaningful relationship with those in their care
  • Ability to get help quickly, whether in person, on the phone, or via video chat, with someone who knows you

When a referral is necessary or an emergent issue appears, the DPC doctor acts as the advocate for his/her patient. This is the way medicine should be and was, long ago. But in the intervening years, pressure from payers forced primary care doctors to book 6 minute appointments, double book patients, and otherwise behave irrationally. In addition, large health systems have been buying up primary care assets so that they can steer referrals to their own facilities to maximize revenue. So now, instead of using the magic of a longstanding and trusted relationship to keep someone healthy, we hustle them through a checklist and pass along to the next toll booth.

Doctor Delivery is committed to the notion that, unusual in economics, a better product can actually be cheaper. When the right care is provided at the right time and place, coordinated by a doctor who knows you best, expenses are minimized and health outcomes are maximized.

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How Do I Switch?

Interested employers are required to move to self-insurance, where all claims are paid from plan assets contributed by a sponsoring employer. Stop-loss insurance is purchased to protect against catastrophic claims from an individual or collectively across the whole company.

If you are willing to consider self-insurance, Doctor Delivery can provide a proposal that will illustrate the relative benefits of your current program versus our high performance health plans. We can create a custom package, though we recommend using our model plan for the first year. You should expect pricing to be 90%-100% of your fully insured plan, with significantly lower out of pocket expenditures for your employees.